Sarah Rosenberg

Writer, Translator, Editor


Italian Balcony
Copy + Content


Tabloid-style synopses for a true-crime database application

Sivana East

Highly-trafficked blog dedicated to spirituality & Eastern thought

Love Broker LLC

Blog for an elite New Jersey matchmaker's private website


Casual Benjamins

Covering a variety of topics, from local-secret New Orleans travel tips and scavenger hunts to amusing stories of making a royal life out of scraps

Love Letters, Suicide Notes, & To-Do Lists

Short stories about life, love, and death in triptych format


Walter Pichler

German-to English translation of an introduction chapter to a theoretical art book

Oswald von Wolkenstein

Translation of the famous Middle High German Minnesänger's lyrics into English for New Orleans Musica da Camera


Confidential Client

Researched project record and created narratives of change items detailing timelines, issues, and deviations from contract documents, all in support of building a claim of lost schedule and budget. 



(Pilot script)  An uptight Hollywood writer and the randy ghost of his deceased neighbor form an unlikely bond when they uncover a crime ring based in her old apartment.

Silent Spring

(Feature-length film script)  A young woman accepts a position far from home at a mysterious man's firm, only to discover the insidious mission of the government project she's been tasked to work on.

Architecture +Design

Portfolios 2006-2021

Tulane School of Architecture

Barry Fox Associate Architects

NOLA Plus Design Landscape

(New Orleans)

Schwartz Architects

(New York)

Twisted Staircase

Classical Sacred & Secular

New Orleans Musica da Camera

Member of 8-piece treble a capella group focused on the preservation of early music (9th-18th centuries)

St. Andrews Episcopal Church:

Choir section leader & cantor



Lead singer & frontwoman for psychedelic americana funk-rock group based in San Francisco

Ana Kardiam

Cross-genre ballad project with a focus on the singer's classical background, tonal range, and penchant for storytelling


Experimental electro-rock collaboration with Alex Keledjian and Ric McRae, focused on swampy sounds, atmospheric vocals, and visceral lyrics


Los Angeles, CA 90291


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Sarah Rosenberg is a Tulane-educated jack-of-all-trades whose career has spanned from architectural design to environmental advocacy to performing on some of the country’s premier stages.  Most recently, she has partnered with production guru and two-time Grammy winner Nahuel Bronzini to create her EP record.

With degrees in linguistics in German, Sarah is no stranger to the philosophy and psychology of language.  She enjoys playing with words in order to tell stories and create surrealistic imagery for the consumers thereof.  With additional education and training in architecture, she is also very much at home with the mise-en-scéne aspects of storytelling as it applies to film.  An exemplary film that married all of these concepts to relay a destructive fear of the "unheimlich" and the "other" prevalent during the time of its making is the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.