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29-year old Morgan Peters was driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike late at night, en route to New York for business, when he pulled over to assist a seemingly-disabled Cadillac.  His body was found two days later when some motorists stopped along the Turnpike to urinate; his truck was found 18 miles west of his body.


Missing from both person and vehicle were Peters’ wallet and portable radio; these items were later found in the possession of Larry Via, an outlaw who had run off from his wife with a woman he met in a Cleveland bar a few summers prior.  Via, already sentenced to life in prison for robbery, rape, attempted murder, and murder, wrote poetry for several biker magazines from his cell; these “fiction” pieces later came to be recognized as affidavits for his previous crimes.

Mother and Daughter Love

Sivana East

7 Indicators You’re Ready to Seek Healing and Move On: Recovering from Loss, Betrayal, and Major Upheavals

Everyone talks about that feeling when all your friends are getting married and having babies—it’s either charming or alarming, depending on your point of view.  However, around this time in life, there is another major, albeit less-glamorous, life event happening for many people.

            The “catastrophic breakup” might manifest as a mutual parting of partners, the deception of one partner uncovered by the other, or even an untimely death.  This can also be experienced as a loss of a job, a diagnosis, or even witnessing the spiral of a struggling friend or family member into some sort of addiction.  These events become the schisms separating youth from adulthood, the moments you realize you and you alone are responsible for your own happiness, health, safety, and survival.

Holding Hands


First Date Dealbreakers: 9 Quick Ways To Get Passed Over For the Next Guy

7.  Watch your mouth, son.  I am a total hypocrite here, but please don’t use a lot of foul language on the first date--save that for meeting the parents (KIDDING, DO NOT).  Would you throw F-bombs around at a job interview?  Of course you wouldn’t.  But your boss will likely do so a few months after she hires you when there's a crazy deadline looming, a vendor drops the ball big-time, or the server crashes.  Likewise with dating, which is a lot like interviewing.  Save your potty mouth for a few months in when it's raining and she's spending the night and you discover that there is a hole in your roof.   At that point, she will probably join you in the cuss parade.  But right now, she will just think you have anger-management issues.

White Couch

The Charrette

Tulane School of Architecture's student-run monthly newspaper

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